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June 16, 2017

June 16, 2017

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Time of Transition

June 16, 2017


We are born in darkness. We are born with pain. We awaken blind as our eyes are naturally shut and we scream from the top of our lungs because we are forced out of this comfort of the dark cave we have gotten so familiar within the last 9 month. We fist our fragile hands because we try to hold on to this dark space we have gotten so used to. We feel the pain of mother's labor that rippled thru every cell in our entire being. 
We come from darkness.
But all of a sudden there is light. So unfamiliar. So invasive. So bright and disturbing to what we know. We scream because we want to get back into the dark cave we came from. 
Change is difficult. It creates fear. Fear of the unknown that we desperately try to avoid.
Though once we bask in that new light and really learn to see what those changes can bring to fruition, we never want to leave again. Then darkness becomes that strange place. Once we have opened our eyes to bring meaning to every shape form and color and once we have opened our fists and let go of all we have held onto out of comfort and fear, and once we start bringing light and truth into this world and let every dark corner waken up to its true potential, we then won't get trapped and stagnant in the shadows of our mind and soul. We already come from darkness. We don't need to hold on to it. We don't need to scream to proof how loud or dark we are or overshadow the light to confuse its seeker. We don't need to bring more pain and confusion into a struggling world. And we have enough lost souls and spirits trapped in colors of denial, sounds of anger and destructive energies. 
Even death is light. It is relieve, renewal and transition into a lighter realm. If we can start to truly embrace the light, then it will teach us to live and enjoy every
moment, welcome every change and master every death!

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