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Kabbalah is not a secret teaching. It is the teaching of a secret.



Kabbalah, the Tree of Life, teaches universal principles that apply to all peoples of all faiths and all religions, regardless of ethnicity or where you come from. Kabbalistic wisdom is not based in blind faith, but practical application. It can deepen your understanding of the universe and give you more information and tools to understand why things are happening to you, and how you can better connect to the Light of the "Creator/Source" and receive the fulfillment you're seeking.

The Kabbalah is an ancient Jewish paradigm for living. It teaches that all of the branches of our lives - health, relationships, careers - emanate from the same trunk and the same root. It's the technology of how the universe works at the core level. It's a way of looking at the world that can connect you to the kind of permanent fulfillment you seek.

The focus of Kabbalah is not on serenity. Neither is it on transcendental enlightenment. It provides those as well, but as a means, not as a goal.

The goal of Kabbalah is inspired action. Whatever wisdom the Kabbalist gains, whatever state of ecstasy or mystic union to which he/she ascends, the end result will always be an act of beauty in the physical world.


The act itself is the goal, to which a higher consciousness must lead you.


To the Kabbalist, the ultimate paradise is here now, because the Infinite Light is here now, and more than any spiritual realm, this is where the Infinite Light yearns to be discovered. Our job is to peel away the husk to reveal that light within each physical artifact of our world. To enlighten not only ourselves, but every living being, and even the inert matter of our world.


The Kabbalah (meaning from Rabbinical Hebrew qabbālāh ‘tradition’, from qibbēl ‘to receive, to accept’.) is distinguished by its theory of ten creative energies that intervene between the infinite, unknowable Source and our created world.

The right side, the pillar of mercy represents the principles of unity, harmony and benevolence, as embodied in the Sefirah of Hesed. It is associated with the bestowing of generous goodness upon our world. It is the masculine side.



The Left side of the Sefirot structure, the pillar of Severity, is the side of power and strict justice; the values embodied in the Sefirah of Gevurah. It is the female side, presenting 'the essence of judgment (DIN) and limitation, and corresponds to awe and the element of fire. It is the principles of separation, distinction and destruction.



The Middle column of the Sefirot structure represents the ideal balance of divine mercy and justice. This harmony is best represented in the Sefirah of Tiferet

(also Tifareth), which exists midway between the extremes of Din and Hesed, female and male.




The Tree of Life is formed from 32 paths:

10 objective paths known as the "sefirot beli mah" and 22 subjective paths that connect pairs of sefirot together, defined as the 22 elemental letters of the Hebrew alphabet (also major arcana) 

representing the foundations of all creation.

Each path has a number, with paths 1-10 being the sefirot themselves and the remaining paths being numbered 11-32.

The 32 paths are mental attributes that operate in creating and sustaining our world. 




The 10 Sefirot

  •  Keter (crown): Keter is Divine Will and the source of all delight and pleasure. Keter contains all the powers that activate the soul.

  • Chochmah (wisdom): Chochmah is intuitive grasp and intuitive knowledge. It’s also that which distinguishes and creates.

  • Binah (understanding ): Binah is the analytical and synthetic power of the mind. It’s the source of logical analysis.

  • Da’at (knowledge): Da’at is the accumulation of that which is known. It’s the abstract ascertaining of facts and the crystallization of awareness in terms of conclusions.This sefirah is invisible and usually not depicted or just foreshadowed in the tree of life

  • Chesed (loving kindness): Chesed is the irrepressible impulse to expand. It’s the source of love, the inclination toward things, and that which gives of itself. The biblical personality associated with Chesed is Abraham.

  • Gevurah (strength): Gevurah is restraint and concentration. It’s the inward withdrawal of forces and the energy source of hate, fear, terror, justice, restraint, and control. The biblical personality associated with Gevurah is Isaac.

  • Tiferet (beauty): Tiferet is harmony, truth, compassion, and beauty. It’s the balance of the powers of attraction and repulsion. The biblical personality associated with Tiferet is Jacob.

  • Netzach (victory): Netzach is the source of conquest and the capacity for overcoming. It’s the urge to get things done. The biblical personality associated with Netzach is Moses.

  • Hod (splendor): Hod is persistence or holding on. It’s the power to repudiate obstacles and to persevere; it’s also the source of humility. The biblical personality associated with Hod is Aaron.

  • Yesod (foundation): Yesod is the vehicle or the carrier from one thing or condition to another. It’s the power of connection and the capacity or will to build bridges, to make connections, and to relate to others. The biblical personality associated with Yesod is Joseph.

  • Malkhut (kingdom): Malkhut is sovereignty, rule, and the ultimate receptacle. It’s the realization of potential and the Divine Presence. The biblical personality associated with Malkhut is David.

  • Daath (the invisible Sephirah)

    Daath is called the invisible Sephirah and in fact it is not a 'real' Sephirah at all, it does not appear on the normal representation of the Tree of Life and has no actual paths connected to it. Daath is floating on a different dimension, located above the Abyss where it is not a 'bridge' across it but rather the experience that one will inevitably come upon when crossing the Abyss. Daath is called 'Knowledge', it is realization in its highest form, it is supreme Wisdom.



Each of the 10 Sephira acts as a chain of emanation, with each unfolding and evolving the next: each Sephira relates and mediates the influence of the others. One might compare the Sephiroth with the Chakras in Yoga. The mystic way of self-realization requires the rediscovery of all levels of one's own being, from Malkuth - the physical reality - up to Kether as the spiritual perfection. For the Tarot, the Tree of Life is much more, the universal basic on which the whole system resides. The 22 cards of the Major Arcana represent the 22 paths that connect the ten spheres of the Tree. The ten spheres themselfs are the basic for the number cards as they count (Kether for the Aces, Chokmah for the 4 Twos, Binah for the 4 Threes etc.).


The 22 paths of The Tree of Life ("Etz Haim")  reflect the 22 primeval vibrations that forms the Hebrew Alphabet. Thus, sound, form and meaning are all coordinated in one cohesive whole. 


The 22 paths connecting the Sephiroth consist of:

• 3 "Mother Letters" (Aleph, Mem, Shin): These represent Awareness.

• 7 "Double Letters" (Beth, Gimel, Daleth, Kaph, Pe, Resh,Tau):   These represent Space.

• 12 "Simple Letters" (Hey, Vau, Zain, Cheth, Teth, Yod, Lamed, Nun, Samekh,    Ayin, Tzaddi, Qof): These reflect the 12 constellations of the zodiac and       represent Time.



The 22 Paths


Path 11: The Glaring Consciousness (Sekhel MeTzuchtzach)

Letter Aleph / the Ox or primal energy
It is the essence of the veil which is ordered in the arrangement of the system.
It indicates the relationship of the paths (netivot) whereby one can stand before the Cause of Causes.


Path 12: The Glowing Consciousness (Sekhel Bahir)
Letter Beth / the House
It is the essence of the Orphan-wheel of Greatness. It is called the Visualiser (Chazchazit), the place which gives rise to the vision that the Seers perceive in an apparition.


Path 13: The Unity Directing Consciousness (Sekhel Manhig HaAchdut)

Letter Gimel / the camel
It is the essence of the Glory and represents the completion of the true essence of the unified spiritual beings.


Path 14: The Illuminating Consciousness (Sekhel Meir)

Letter Daleth / the Door
It is the essence of the Speaking Silence (Chashmal). It gives instruction regarding the mysteries of the holy secrets and their structure.


Path 15: The Stabilizing Consciousness (Sekhel Ma'amid)

Letter Heh / the window
It stabilizes the essence of creation in the Glooms of Purity.


Path 16: The Enduring Consciousness (Sekhel Nitzchi)

Letter Vav / nail, hook

It is the Delight (Eden) of the Glory. As it is, there is no Glory lower than it.It is called the Garden of Eden, which is prepared for the [reward of the] Saints.


Path 17: The Consciousness of the Senses (Sekhel HaHergesh)
Letter Zayin / the sword

This is prepared for the faithful saints so that they should be able to clothe themselves in the spirit of holiness.
In the arrangement of the supernal Entities, it is called the Foundation of Beauty (Yesod HaTiferet).


Path18: The Consciousness of the House of Influx (Sekhel Bet HaShefa)

Letter Cheth / fence, enclosure

By probing with it, a secret mystery (raz) and an allusion are transmitted to those who "dwell in its shadow" and bind themselvesto probing its substance from the Cause of Causes.


Path 19: The Consciousnessof the Mystery of all Spiritual Activities (Sekhel Sod HaPaulot HaRuchniot Kulam)

Letter Teth / serpent

It is called this because of the influx that permeates it from the highest blessing and the supreme Glory.


Path 20: The Consciousness of Will (Sekhel HaRatzon)

Letter Jod / closed hand
It is the structure of all that is formed. Through this state of consciousness one can know the essence of the Original Wisdom.


Path 21: The Desired and Sought Consciousness (Sekhel HaChafutz VeHaMevukash)

Letter Kaph / grasping hand, arm, wing

It receives the divine influx so as to bestow its blessing to all things that exist.


Path 22: The Faithful Consciousness (Sekhel Ne'eman)

Lamed / ox-goad

Spiritual powers are increased through it, so that they can be close to all who "dwell in their shadow".


Path 23:The Sustaining Consciousness (Sekhel Kayam)

Letter Mem / the Water
It is the sustaining power for all the Sephiroth.


Path 24: The Apparitive Consciousness (Sekhel Dimyoni)

Letter Nun / the fish
It provides an appearance for all created apparitions, in a form fitting their stature.


Path 25: is named The Testing Consciousness (Sekhel Nisyoni)

Letter Samekh / the Prop
It is the original temptation through which God tests all of his saints.


Path 26: The Renewing Consciousness (Sekhel MeChudash)

Letter Ayin / eye

It is the means through which the "Blessed Holy One" brings about all new things which are brought into being in his/her creation.


Path 27: The Palpable Intelligence (Sekhel Murgash)

Letter Peh / mouth

It is called this because the consciousness of all things created under the entire upper sphere,as well as all their sensations, were created through it.


Path 28: The Natural Intelligence (Sekhel Mutba)

Letter Tzaddi / the fish-hook
It is called this because the nature of all that exist under the sphere of the sun was completed through it.


Path 29: The Physical Intelligence (Sekhel Mugsham)

Letter Qoph / back of head

It depicts the growth of everything that becomes physical under the system of all the spheres.


Path 30: The General Intelligence (Sekhel Kelali)

Letter Resh / face or head
It is the means through which the "generalisers of the heavens" collect their rules regarding the stars and constellations, forming the theory that comprises their knowledge of the Orphan-wheels of the spheres.


Path 31: The Continuous Intelligence (Sekhel Tamidi)

Letter Shin / tooth
It directs the path of sun and moon according to their laws of nature, each one in its proper orbit.


Path 32: The Worshiped Intelligence (Sekhel Ne'evad)

Letter Tau / cross

It is prepared so as to destroy all who engage in the worship of the seven planets.




The way down the Tree from Kether to Malkuth is the development of the pure spirit to conscious physical existence - the way from Malkuth to Kether is the development from physical existence to spiritual perfection.


The 7 chakras with the 7 levels of the Tree of Life:


Sahasrara (above head) =======           Keter

Ajna (brow)  ==========             Binah-----|----Hokmah

Vishuddha (throat) ======         Gevurah---|----Hesed

Ahanhata (heart) ========              |    Tifaret    |

Manipura (navel) ========           Hod------|-----Netzah

Swadhisthana (genitals)=====            \   Yesod    /

Muladhara (base of spine) ====             Malkhut





The Tree of life teaches us about relationship, which is the whole purpose of Creation.  In addition, it is a map of consciousness that expresses the relationship between us and the heavenly realm. As we become more familiar with the Kabbalah, we begin to perceive it as a glorious light that beckons us to come closer to God/ Source. At the same time, the divine light of the Tree is a call to God, a source of blessing, and also a structure to support us to stand on the Earth. God/ Source is personality as well as principle.  The Tree of Life is an eternal emanation of the Divine principle, and it lives and emanates within each unique human personality.  Every human being is a Tree of Life: we all have the powers or attributes that correspond to the divine Sefirot.  


When you sit down and think deeply about the powers of your soul, your deepest self, it is possible to comprehend aspects of the Sefirot.  Conversely, seeking and meditating on the Sefirot teaches us about our essence. 








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