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Connecting the dots of the Cosmic Codes

Everything seemingly chaotic and unstructured in our environment, is explainable by fractal geometry, discovered by mathematician Mandelbrot. As you become fractally aware, you will be amazed by the fractal nature of all naturally occurring phenomena in sunflowers, rivers, mountains, smoke and branches in trees, veins in leaves or endless patterns in our own physical body. As Galileo has hypothesized, the universe, if we are able to decipher what it means, in terms of its greatness, its godliness, its incomprehensible and chaotic nature, we have to be able to understand the language it is written in. This language is “Mathematics” and its character are triangles, circles and geometric figures which in turns lead us to the metaphysical world of “sacred geometry”.


As the field of “mathematics” and “quantum science” meets, we rediscover an even more ancient metaphysical language that help us decipher the cosmic code in the East called YiJing(I-Ching).

The "I-Ching" book, which is an ancient classic Chinese text, dating back to 3000 years before Christ, is telling the fundamental story of returning to the primordial unity and the balance of the Tao. This book was recorded by ancients, who observed the integrity of all aspects of life, discovered the laws behind the diversity of nature, and created a way of harmonious living with nature. Nature was their greatest teacher.

By embracing the patterns of nature in the center, their philosophy, they were able to make life predictable. This principle was not a system to be understood solely with the mind, but lived fully through the human experience, surrendering deeply into the river of natural wisdom. The I- Ching Book, also called the book of Changes, depicts the eternal dance of various elemental cycles showing ripple effects in our life. For thousands of years sages and mystics have used this binary code system to unlock deeper layers of profound wisdom.  


Its character is in the form of binary codes, which is also the language of our modern computer. The language of “zero & one” or “on & off” or “Yin & Yang” which are also the building blocks of triangles, circles and geometric figures which we find in “sacred geometry”. This geometry is the basis for the formation of  “Visica Picis”, also called the "Genesis Pattern", “Seed of Life”, “Flower of Life” or “Fruit of Life”.


The I Ching contains the philosophical and psychological processes by which to form the changing and transitional states of the human mind and spirit. This also includes the changing transitional state of the Universe, because the human mind is the microcosm of the microcosmic universe. In the modern world, we have been taught to value that which is quantifiable and therefore believe that the physical realm is all there is, but in reality, we need both the body and the mind and spirit to be a complete human. 


The main idea of the I-Ching is to be firm in yielding the mind. It reveals the science of divination and the art of philosophy through an intricate mathematical cosmology that forges astrology and geomancy into the heart (which governs the body, expresses through the face, and projects through the palm) of humanity, which learns to understand the truth of reality. The cosmic code of the I-Ching oracle reveals prophetic messages, which guides humanity back to divinity by following the way (truth) of nature.


Divination: to reveal the laws of the movement of nature in order to shape fate

Philosophy: to know the way of transformation into the divine


Leonardo da Vinci has studied geomancy and sacred geometry and its mathematical properties. He has drawn the viscia picis, as well as components therein, such as the seed of life. He has drawn geometric figures representing shapes such as the platonic solids, a sphere, a torus, etc., and more, and has also used the golden ratio of phi in his artwork; all of which may be derived from one single cosmic design.



In Ancient Egypt, two pyramids were joined in a sacred geometric form called the Merkabah. The Merkabah is a three-dimensional Star of David, also known as the Double Tetrahedron or the Star Tetrahedra. Within it lies the energy that holds all life together. The bonds that hold atoms, particles and molecules together, all the way down to nanoparticles and all the way up to macroparticles, are tetrahedral. Metatron’s cube is a wonderful picture of the geometry and energy that flows through Star Tetrahedra. The DNA is made of two spiraling strands that make many tetrahedra down the DNA helix. It is interesting to note that at conception, each of us has one DNA strand from our mother and one from father. Two events that combine to make one.



"Philosophy is written in this grand book - I mean universe - which stands continuously open to our gaze, but which cannot be understood unless one first learns to comprehend the language in which it is written. It is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles and other geometric figures, without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word of it; without these, one is wandering about in a dark labyrinth." - Galileo (1623)



Martin Schönberger, a German scientist who wrote the book 'The I Ching & the Genetic Code', recently discovered that the two Codons which contain the genetic-chemical message “to stop” have the same numeric structure of hexagram 63, After Completion, and the Codons which, so to speak, act to say “Go” on a genetic level, correspond to the opposite hexagram 64, Before Completion. In the DNA they serve as punctuation between code sequences. In the I Ching, we have hexagrams 63 and 64, which serve the same purpose. DNA is the blueprint which tells the cells how to create proteins, whereas RNA is the reverse copy of DNA which carries out DNA’s instructions for protein production. This corresponds with the Yin (the yielding), which ‘yields’ or delivers the information and the Yang (the firm), which ‘firms up’ or utilizes the information and causes changes. Here we find in both a duality process- a binary system.


The I-Ching hexagrams also follow a pattern. (This pattern starts off with two lines, one broken (yin) and one unbroken (yang), a bigram. Three of these lines combined in any combination results in a trigram. Combine two trigrams into one set and we get a hexagram. Square the 8 trigrams with themselves (8 x 8) and we get the full I Ching set comprising of 64 hexagrams.)


Both DNA and the I-Ching use a basic set of patterns to build up their forms and functions. Like a pattern as a set of blueprints or a recipe to replicate something, these patterns can be mapped using templates that allow us to make analogies and create metaphors using symbols, letters, and numbers which represent objects, ideas, and relationships—metaphors that our minds can grasp and make sense out of. 


"Mathematics, as the basis of all science, is itself a symbolism, a language into which all knowledge is eventually translated and rendered communicable. The key to all knowledge is in the science of numbers." (Sepharial 24)


The I-Ching is said to be an ancient method to represent DNA. They both exhibit the same structures, not because they are separate entities but because the I-Ching is the mathematical construct of the mind of divinity, actively coding in binary (machine) language, no less, the physical organic (living) construct of the universe.This was known in ancient times and represented in a multitude of sculptures and drawings that have managed to survive to this day.


      The I Ching, the 64 hexagrams in a spherical depiction 




The shape of the I-Ching is also constructed by the fluid or energy surrounding it, and the ancients call this fluid Khí, which as a concept, was already in existence before Taoism came into being. Indeed, Khí has its roots in ancient Asian prehistory, reaching into that quasi-magical arena where immortals and alchemy exists. The word Khí means life force. Khí is the flow of energy around, as well as through, the body. According to Taoist principles, Khí permeates everything and links all things to their surroundings. 


Chinese Medicine and Western science have a common structure at the basis of their systems. Ken Wilber, a Western philosopher who wrote about the bridge between Western and Eastern culture in his book Paradigm Wars:“The world has got to do what the world has got to do. Just we had to farm the physical – by learning agriculture and then industry – before we could collectively move to the mental, so now we have to farm the mental – information and computers and technology – before we go beyond it to the spiritual. All in its own time. Frankly I think the world is moving along at a handsome clip”.



There are over 60 trillion cells within the human body, each cell is filled with intelligence and have the ability to communicate with each other. They have memory and can transfer information in sequences that can cause the body and mind to manifest in various manners. DNA regulates many levels of information; it also carries the ancestral blueprint of all past generations. DNA is structured like 2 long chains wound around each other in what is called a double helix (east and west or yin-yang or the two principles of life= duality). It looks like a staircase or Jacob's Ladder, consisting of 22 Amino Acids (22 central keys in the major arcana/ the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet; in the I-Ching the hexagram 22 is called 'persona' or 'grace'). There are 4 molecules called bases like Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, Thymine or ACGT (the tetragrammaton, the four elements or four blood types; four directions etc.)  that make up the language/alphabet of DNA. The 4 Base letters ACGT with each combination of 3 make Codons, the 64 Codons (hexagrams) which in turn delivers specific instruction to cellular chemistry. Codons manufacture protein!




The Mayan Calendar itself shows the structure of our DNA, and a relation to the I Ching (all the black squares and the squares inside the black = 64 as in the hexagrams of the I Ching



Pjotr Garjajev, a bio physicist and molecular biologist, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences as well as of the Academy of Sciences in New York, made a discovery in a study of the human genomes with the


"​Muscovites group", which let our understanding of the DNA and the human genetics appear in a completely new light. For example we speak today nearly naturally of the »genetic code«, thus of a systematic information coding. In Pjotr Garjajev's project, the genetic code was submitted an exact investigation by linguists too. Linguistics is the science of the structure of languages. It investigates thereby not only the natural languages, which developed in the individual countries and cultures, but also artificial languages, which are used for example for programming computers and which were developed in the past decades systematically using linguistic realizations.

One examines semantics (theory of the meaning of the words) and language regularities like the syntax (rules for the setting up of words from letters), as well as the bases of the grammar. If one uses these scientific realizations on the genetic code, then one recognizes that this code follows the same rules as our human languages. Not the rules of a certain language, but on such a fundamental level, where all existing languages of mankind have comparable structures. So it is possible to set the structure of the genetic code in relationship with each existing language of mankind.






For centuries scientists looked for the human original language - Pjotr Garjajev and his coworkers possibly found it. We must turn around the relations: the structure of the DNA does not correspond to the human language structure, but the human languages follow the genetic code in their structure the rules! DNA and genetic code existed already for a long time, before first humans spoke an articulated word for the first time! Every human languages developed since that time followed the basic pattern, already existing in the structure of the genetic code. It does not concern here an orthodox materialistic conception of the world, according to which the ability for speaking would be only a secondary effect of proteins, which are put on in some genes. The arrangement of the elementary bases in the DNA follows a grammar, an immaterial plan, which is similar to the structure of our languages.


The fact that no physical procedure is concerned here is proved by the next discovery of Garjajev’s project: The analogy between the structure of the DNA and the human language is most pronounced just in the parts of the giant molecule, which are not used for protein synthesis! For a long time one knows that only about 10 percent of the DNA molecule are used for setting up genes. The remaining 90 percent have a function unknown to classical science and were designated so far as »silent DNA«.

Garjajev’s realization thus is a revolution for the entire area of genetics: the »silent DNA« - figurative spoken - speaks a language!

In various experiments the Muscovites group could prove that these extensive codes in the DNA are not used by any means for the synthesis of a so far unknown quantity of components of our body, as it is the case with the genes. This code is rather actually used for communication, more exactly - for hypercommunication.



Hypercommunication is a data exchange on DNA level using genetic code. Since this code possesses a structure, which is the basis of all human languages, also higher information may be transported, which is able to come up to human consciousness and to be interpreted there. Garjajev and its colleagues continued still another step. They analyzed the vibration response of the DNA and found out that it follows quite complicated laws, which are well known in the physics for a long time. Those are the laws of nonlinear waveform-shaping, known since center of 19 century as so-called Soliton waves. Soliton waves are temporally extraordinarily stable and may store information in this way for a long time.

In this way unknown possibilities are opened to the medicine.

One may design devices, with which through suitably modulated radio or light radiation cell metabolism may be affected, even the repair of genetic defects is possible, without all the risks and side effects of the classical-biochemical proceeding. Garjajevs group of researchers could already prove that with this method chromosomes may be repaired, which were damaged for example by x-rays. The effects on medical therapy possibilities of the coming century are immense: one can develop devices for new, subtle cancer therapy, also for the treatment of aids and for the slowing down of the aging process.


Light actually represents the most important factor in the power supply of our hereditary molecule, the DNA. It provides healthy functioning of all procedures in our cells. However it cannot form a complete replacement for material food alone.The information, which will transfer via the light, is much more important. The DNA communicates in this way - perhaps with other organisms or with a superordinate plan, which a morphogenetic field, which could be proven by the research in Russia for the first time scientifically.

Already today devices are in use also in German university clinics, with whose assistance cancer patients are exposed to frequency-modulated magnetic field irradiation.


We see here that the objectives of the Muscovites researchers deviate from those of the Western human genome project in principle. While in the western science the trend is to develop new chemical medicines from as much as possible items of information from the genes - a procedure, which is not free from substantial risks, a potential giant business -, the Russian scientists have a rather eastern or holistic understanding of the DNA leading to the development of therapy devices, which may replace some expensive and dangerous medicine in the long term. Quite beside from the new wave theory of the genetic code, still some further interesting facts follow. For example one knows for a long time that almost any bodily function, particularly also in the metabolism and in the hormone production, can be affected by suggestive strength of the spoken word, although they run perfectly autonomously, thus under elimination of the conscious will, whereupon the impact of the medical hypnosis is based. These facts are well-known, however could not be explained so far scientifically. The medical model of the psycho neuro immunology led back the effect of hypnotic suggestions so far exclusively to control mechanisms in the brain, particularly in the regions, which are assumed to contain subconscious layers. Now it looks that it is much simpler: the DNA is able to react directly to the spoken word.



"The process on earth-blossom and fruit, growth and decay can be calculated if we know the laws of change, we can precalculate in regard to it. The future likewise develops in accordance with calculated numbers. If numbers are known, future events can be calculated with perfect certainty.”


Shao Yong



We have discovered that there is Cellular Intelligence that is being communicated throughout the body constantly. Science and common sense also lets us know that the information in our cells, genes, and DNA can be changed. For example, if I am stressed out, worried and fearful, the information in my being on the cellular level will change. The sequences of the base letters (ACGT) will form the command for my immune system to crash. If I am constantly taking in toxins, the command will be for cancer or some other disease to manifest. If my thinking is based in the realm of illusions (fear or negativity), then my DNA must align itself in sequences to produce what has become my reality.

If the Book of Life within can be written or re-written to read and express negative realities and death, why then can't we repair and change our DNA to express positive realities and life?


As we experience cellular awakening, we will realize that God/Spirit is everywhere, not just confined to the physical brain...




Wei Chi


is the Chinese name of the I-Ching Hexagram 64.

With inner and outer trigrams forming fire over water, this Hexagram is called ‘before completion’ or alternatively ‘not yet completed’. 
























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