August 25, 2017

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June 16, 2017

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Fire and Light

August 25, 2017


We are multidimensional beings with the capacity

to enter the spirit world

or into the Universe

where the opportunity is given to see the world as one.


We come to know more of our true nature,

learn to live in the light of our real self.

Fire is the expansion of Light within the physical body

which allows you as the physical vessels of Light,

to carry out the Will of the Divine

to co-create Heaven on Earth,

while purifying the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual bodies.


Fire is Love.


The call of the heart and how it draws us back to divine union

is one of mankind's greatest secrets:

A fire that burns away all traces of separation.


Love is a Fire.


Fire is one of the primal elements of nature

("plasma", one of the four states of matter)
and it is one of the most important elements

which creates and nourishes civilization.


It drives away the cold and the dangerous.

It cooks food, burns away uncleanness,

sheds light in the darkness, purifies, heals, heats and melts.


It serves as a signal to communicate,

and brings people together around the (h)earth.


Fire is also intellectual illumination.


It is LIGHT,



and LOVE.


Known as “Kundalini”, “The Serpent Fire”, or the “Dragon”,

this energy resides in all

creation and living beings.

It resides in You,



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