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"your worst enemy can not harm you as much as your own negative thoughts" 

Spiritual Consultation

with implementation of Tarot, 64 keys of life and Chakra Energie Light Work


through my guidance, you won't be navigated with logic from a to b, but With inner wisdom and divinatory tools to all these places where doors

to the depth of your soul will open up facilely. 

A world of Imagination without limitation. 

In harmony with nature and the purpose of archaic implements

and sacred methods , new pathways on your journey to self discovery and the convergence to inner truth will unseal. 

only you know where this journey will take you. 

Imagine, we are not here by accident, chance, or coincidence.

 our parents were  convenient for our arriving in the physical 3 dimensional existence we now experience.

we came through our mother, but we emerged from God or Spirit . 

Our Parents gave us the physical and biological mater-ia to house who we are, until the appointed time of the Divine Nature Activated. we are being summoned and wooed to an experience that transcends what is known as the human experience.

Therefore, weak up to your higher potential  and shine, because the Light within is coming to full expression. 

Through  tarot, vision quests and energy work, profound examination of the emotional and mental constitution can be realized.

As a Proficient enthusiast and initiate of maia mechanics, also called 64 Keys or Gen-Keys, enormous insight into our own unique nature can be obtained:

our health, our psychology, our vulnerabilities and limitations as well as our talents, strengths, traits, vital lineaments and gifts.

The implementation of this practise delivers a tremendous potential for improvement and fulfillment of the quality of our life with all its facets, and provides a framework for a profound understanding of our personal life and human life itself.


64 Keys of life is a fascinating symbiosis and a new established teaching, based on the Jewish kabbalah, the ancient pansophy of astrology and the chinese wisdom "I-Ching". 

the "I-Ching" is telling the fundamental Story of Returning to the primordial Unity and Balance of the Tao. It 's not a system to be understood solely with the mind, but lived fully through the human experience, surrendering deeply into the river of natural wisdom. the I- Ching Book called the book of Changes, depicts the eternal dance of various elemental cycles showing ripple effects in our life.

For thousands of years sages and mystics have used the binary code of this system to unlock deeper layers of profound wisdom.

The 64 Keys method is predicated on the I-Ching and sheds new light onto this ancient text, inviting each of us to understand the “Contemporary I Ching” in a new modern way.







As a recent disciple at  Servants of the Light School, 

A fully-contacted school of Western Mysteries and Occult Science,

the study and utilization of Israel Regardie’s `Art of True Healing' , deepens my comprehension and teaches the implementation of western doctrines based on the kabbalistic Tree of Life.

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.

C.G. Jung


​if you are interested in a consultation, please contact me here.

(​appointment and payment by arrangement-SLIDING SCALE OPTION)





Involution - as a means, not a goal

One of my favorite incitation and

enigma is the subject of the Moon. 

La Luna, and her permeant glint, in all its sway.

Whereas in the Farrago Spiritum Tarot,

the tarot card "LUNA", is depicted rich in 

archetypal figures and symbolics, revealing

that all life and living moves in great duality,

I uncloak the deeper significance and 

associations of the lunar & lunatic effigy. 

To learn more about this Tarot Deck in my blog, 

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                                           Yvette Endrijautzki 



The Art of Yvette Endrijautzki
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your higher self, your hidden potentials, your holy grail within

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