English Bio:

Born in 1974, in Wuppertal, Germany, Yvette has never truly felt home in a place that seemed torn and burdened by its history and subsequent mentality. From a young age on, her curiosity and visions brought her to travel and live in many different cultures and communities. The journey itself became her home, which led her to many unlike locations and situations. From farms, castles, squats, ruins, tribes, and circus, to unthinkable alliances, soul-family and many new unexpected conjunctions, her path traversed Marocco, Spain, Philippines, Italy, Israel, Belgium, Suisse, Netherlands, the French Alps, and the USA, of which all officiated as a shape factor for her inner growth. Especially Maui, the Pacific NorthWest and the Pyrenees were crucial stages in her life.

Hatha (Iyengar) yoga and meditation have bestowed her with deep inner insights and set her on a path of boundless transformation and deep life changing encounters with spiritual aware beings, shamans, mystics, gurus and many devotes. In Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest, Yvette participated at sweat lodges und plenty of ceremonies in the tradition of the Lakota Sioux tribe.

Especially in Seattle, she was blessed to be surrounded and taught for more than 8 years by naturopaths, holistic healers and cairvoyants in a former Tibetan apothecary called Tenzing Momo, which to this day is well- established for
its esoteric imprint. It is there and then, when she learned about plant medicine, reiki and chakra healing, while her art always stayed a central point in her life. As a student of the esoteric school "SERVANTS OF the LIGHT“, she engaged in Dione Fortune's  in- depth studies of doctrines based on the Jewish Kabbalah.

After a stroke of fate and a quite long period of affliction, she came across the teachings of ́Mechanics of the Maia ́, which code of practice helped immensely on her path to healing. As a prospektive savant of this new paradigm (which by now honored as a helpful tool by Suisse and Canadian psychologists), she is continuously astonished by the accuracy and helpfulness, and made it her mission to help the seekers and the bereaved.

Yvette offers her consultancy as a certified spiritual counselor, by the school of health profession, Wuppertal.

"Whether you are in low spirits, or your senses escape,
if you’re lost in spirit world or you’re having taken leave of your senses:

there is nothing more soul-destroying

than not finding peace between your heart and soul."


Yvette Endrijautzki

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